It’s Just a Larmer Tree!

16th of July:

Clouds in the sky

beautiful trees

mud everywhere

John Malkovich everywhere

people who are driving on the left side of the road

audience who was not afraid of the rain…

yes , here we were: England, for the:

Well, after the traditional « 2 hours in the plane, 2 hours in the bus » we arrived in  a huge and sold out Festival.

A cool place, nature everywhere

and a crazy atmosphere …

this festival had got something…definitely different.

one more time:

The very efficient Stage manager (and… MC! we will understand that later) gave us the schedule of the afternoon…

1srt bad news Vieux Farka Touré was not here (passport reason) 2nd bad news : No second bad news! We prepared our stuff behind the stage

and after 30 minutes of sound checking we were ready to go in front of  the most « wet and friendly » audience we have ever met! The weather changed

and the sun was here for our 60 minutes set!

We were happy and proud to play for the first time in a English Festival,  we began the show with a shy « Hello we are Watcha Clan » and finished it with Sista Ka singing out with the audience « I wanna get higher » !!!

We could understand that people liked the show on the merchandising stand… check the queue!

1 hour of signature

we went to eat and we met our friends of Asian Dub Foundation

who played later on the same stage while we were dancing and listening to their gr8  show!

Lamer Tree will stay in our mind until we will come back!

See you soon.

No time to rest, Next gig will be in Porto this Friday 22nd

Take care and see u soon


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