Ollin Kan Festival: Porto session

Hello folks,

Flight-cases ,

mountains melted in the clouds 

we took the plane one more time. Destination : Porto , for the Ollin Kan Festiva (in Maya language: Culture in Resistance )

For those who understand Portuguese language you can check  this:

For those who don’t understand Portuguese language, here is our description of the day!

22nd Of July:

A beautiful sun was above our heads. Portugal in summer, it’s cool.  We discovered « Casa d’el Musica ».

Beautiful Building dedicated to music. Rehearsal’s areas , 2 stages, restaurant, dressing rooms, a good and an inspiriting  place where it was cool to be and to create…

The new apple mac book pro trash stand:

After those little experiments , we went to the stage for the sound check…and what a stage…this is Suprem:

this is Nassim:

Well a kind of place where you have to be on top , technically, musically…

Later, cause we had a little time for vacations (and this is rare on tour,

we went to the ocean…(title of this picture: Gnossien Blur of  Sista Ka)

Wind and waves were at the « rendez-vous »

… a rest for the bodies and souls!

further than the see, we could seen our next destination…

Well, the sun went down

and « Sur le Niger  » played a beautiful opening act. Duet between acoustic guitar and kora , speaking together in a fluently langage…

At 23h30 it was our turn. « Hola we are Watcha Clan ». Step bye step people began to dance and appreciated the show as much as we appreciated to play in front of this Portuguese audience!

Special thanx to Carlos and his family for this very professional and nice welcoming !

Ollin Kan festival was a great experience, we hope to come back in Portugal…soon!

latest up date:

On se voit demain ( jeudi 28 juillet) au Bar le Massillia à Montréal vers 18h30 (apéro sound system en perspective) … pour plus d’info ,face book évidament!



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