WE WANT YOU to remix us! #WR1 Remix competition

WE WANT YOU to remix us!
#WR1 Remix competition

Dear Producers, Dj’s, Remixers…
Watcha Clan and Piranha will release a new remix album from their last album « Radio Babel » this fall 2012 and they want you to remix their track « We Are One »!
Grab the audio files here (http://tinyurl.com/6oakdd4), and get a chance to be on the compilation among artists like 4Hero, Maga Bo, Transglobal Underground, Hijo de la Cumbia, Dr Das, Shazalakazoo… and many more global beaters!
So have fun with the clan’s stems and hope to hear your remix soon!

Peace from Marseilles.

*Deadline of Remix contest:  June 8th
Upload your remix (in .wav format) here: http://share.piranha.de (recipient: Frank Klaffs)

*Conditions: By submitting your track to us  you guarantee that you have only used the stems

and that you own 100 % on the copyright of any submitted content to the tracks.
Furthermore you agree that your track will be included in the
forthcoming album radio Babel Remixes with full credits
if selected by Watcha Clan and Piranha Musik. 
In this case we will contact you before the release for official clearence of
the winning Remix of « We are One »



2 responses to “WE WANT YOU to remix us! #WR1 Remix competition

  • nacOner

    Après plusieurs années à voir vos affiches sur les murs du quartier (ND Mont-La Plaine-Cours Ju), je me suis décidé à écouter votre son… il m’a fallu du temps ^^
    Et c’est tout simplement la musique dont j’avais besoin là, maintenant, alors que je sens que ma vie est ici, à Marseille, et le restera longtemps inshallah !!
    PEACE !

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