German Tour 2013 *part. 1*

Hallo wie geht’s?

Here we are, snow, bus, cold weather, special driver, super audience : this the German tour 2013.


Thursday 14th of February :

 10 a.m. we turned on the engine, and drove all day along from Marseille.Step by step, we began to see the snow through the windows, north of France and finally Germany!

The Valentine’s day in Jazz Haus of Freiburg.

A fresh wind of love came from the audience and blow our minds for this first and precious live of the tour. Be on stage after a little break is always an amazing experience, but this time it was more.

Happy to be here, playing music together, in front of a great audience, what else…


Friday 15th of February:

 Short distance between Feiburg and Karlsruhe…unfortunately we met the famous German traffic jam…

1 minute = 3 minutes, so we found occupations…

Well we finally arrived to the TollHaus:)

Big place, super venue, good team.

8.25am the place was empty. 8.30 the place was packed!

Second show, the good vibes were here 🙂

People asked for a second encore, maybe 15 min… So powerful! But we have to take care of the energy…the tour is not over 🙂 even if @ the end we could have a last improvisation :

Saturday 16th of February:

After an efficient “petit déjeuner” 

we drove to Kassel. On the way, we found new friends, so we took them in the bus !

We discovered the “club Batterie”

Kind of underground venue. It used to be a place where they fixed the problems of the big trains batteries!

dressing room  before the show:

Like said Sista Ka at the beginning of the show “t looks like a hammam, the only difference is that we are not naked” :), Kassel audience responded “Kassel love drum ‘n’ bass”. The atmosphere was defined!

Even if some technical problems tried to f***k up our show

even if the Sista Ka’s microphone died, we finished the show acapella , while the audience were clapping 🙂

Last word on the « livre d’or »…

Time to leave… Good bye, and thanx you !

The next Step: Tomorrow , Tuesday @ Cafe Hahn of Koblenz see you. More info


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