German tour **part 2** Koblenz

19th of February :

 After a walking day off in Koblenz

with family and new friend

the Cafe Hahn opened his back door to our stuff… ( no kidding). The spirit of this place was felt by all the crew, 30 years of music, 30 years of musicians playing on this beautiful stage.

some of them…


We had ever one time in Koblenz, in 2010, it had been a super concert, 3 years after, it was the same.

So we arrived 3 hours before the rendez vous,  Fred and Nass took the time to eat 8 pieces of chocolate cake

ok seven…

Suprem took care of his 700000 e-mails

and Martin the preacher, set all his stuff to play the loudest sound that this Jazz Club have ever heard.

All was ok, the stage, the food with Maitre Pierre “aux fourneaux”.

Like in 2010 :

The atmosphere was so cool , we felt …happy!

4 seconds before

Let’s go on stage.

Why did I do this face?

Why did he do this face?

Maybe because   Sista Ka began to…fly

Algerian flag

Crazy doc

Human beat box

Unstoppable Sista Ka

One more time, an encore wasn’t enough, the concert stopped in the middle of the audience 🙂

We met our all friend Rafa.

Meeting Rafa = back stage party time !


Time to leave..

Afer a good night we took the direction of Berlin, more than 500 km…with the now famous “German Traffic Jam” 😉

Welcome in the bus:

Humm, when i saw those pictures,


I wonder if some of my friend ..are my friend… Martin, I do not fell  sick anymore, return to your desk 🙂 (I AM THE WATCHA CLAN BASS PLAYER)




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