German Tour **Part 3 ** Berlin, Hamburg

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21st of February

 The first words of the day were “Es is kalt”.

Even the snow didn’t want to fall; too cold. Doesn’t matter, to be in Berlin again was great. Playing in Lido, seeing all our friends, we were so exited.

 First interview, with Niloufar and her photographer for the Blogrebellen. Cool atmosphere in a culture center, where they do very good soup.

After this , we went to the venu, the Lido!

Simone was already here , Nellsky for Radio Multicult was here to. So we began series of interviews, Franck and Eli came with Thomas for Grooove station ( Long discussions from new remixes to the Mali french intervention…

After the soundcheck, we ate all together in a restaurant. So cool to see our friend Simone, talking about the other shows, about the past years…

The night came

time to go backstage arrived. We stayed alone here, concentrating on our breathing…Ok it’s a joke, we were in Berlin , and all the friends came backstage to salute us! Big Big Big Pleasure to see them!

After the 41st double triple check of Suprem Clem,

after taking a quiet time ,

and after a  last photo,

we went up to the stage!

100 minutes of happiness, power, vibrations, and love. Martin on the sound, Fred on merchandising, Sista Ka on vocal, Suprem Clem machine lap top karkabou and more, Nassim Kouti

guitar , goumri, Mat Labess on double bass and guitar, all together, happy to share with the audience a simple feeling: lucky to be here, lucky to play 🙂

Well Sista Ka said “ If the beach and the sun come to Berlin, I leave Marseille, and I came to Berlin!”

Party time on the stage was over, but not back stage with all the Piranha crew 🙂

We miss you, see you ASAP!

Bye Berlin!

22nd of February

Everebody jump into the bus. 450 km to go to Hamburg, but before we had to eat. “My god, what can I eat?” evidence…

Hafenklang. The underground place to be if you travel to Hamburg. Fourth times for the Watcha Clan in this place. How can we talk about, without a the game “ Find the Watcha Clan’s Sticker from the old Hafenklang experiences”



Well we did a good sound check, and ate delicious vegetarian dishes cooked with love.

Aber! 1 hour before the show:

Half-hour before the show

5 minutes before the show

1 minute before the show

Technicals problems fixed 30 seconds before the show belongs to those little things witch happen only on tour, and it give you a double adrenalin dose to “envoyer le boulet” (If you doesn’t understand what does it mean, you can try Google translator massilan language to English)

Hamburg, twin sister of Marseille, Hafenklan twin brother of Baltazar, we felt at home.

Massive and compact sound for a massiv and compact audience!!! Super live session:)

minus 10C° out side, 40 C° inside!!!

The show continued to the merchandising, it was like the “rue du commerce” (business street)

under a power full cumbia of two Super Djs until 3 o’clock a.m.

Let’s see it:

THANX Hafenklang

THANX Lars, THANX to the audience, special big up to the people who where there for the Berlin gig the day before!



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