German tour **final part**

Ok! ok! Zürich is actually not in Germany, so this is the German and Switzerland tour 2013!

23rd of February:

What a pleasure to drive without “traffic jam”! Turning on the engine, and eating the road meter by meter. Unfortunately this lucky strike had been short.

The snow began to fall, and never stopped 🙂

Leipzig was under a white dress, people were skiing on the streets, so nice!

Well, the UT Connevitz opened his doors, and we directly started the soundcheck. What a beautiful place! Even if we have ever played here, it was like the first time !

Topps  cooked him self a good vegetarian meal, that gave us the strength for this 7th concerts of the tour. Well, walking around the audience, I heard this sentence “ They are touring since 10 days, maybe they will do a kind of calm concert” 🙂

An amazing place, a big stage, a big sound and a big audience…We were on the first floor, and we couldn’t wait to play, we try to do some photos to wait…

but people began to shout downstairs!

We had to go!

Jumping, running, smiling, last gig in Germany couldn’t be a “calm concert” 🙂

Those 100 minutes had past so fast! We love the dancing Leipzig audience, in this old style cinema atmosphere!

Miss Zio  and her camera posted some souvenirs on face book…check a few selection :

Well, now have a sit, pull on the bass of you computer, and listen to it !

DJ Topps finished the party …what about us? Partying in a gypsy style…

Bye Bye…see you in 2015?

24th of february:

Driving day, special big up to the team, who load and unload and load and unload and load and unload and load and unload the van all the tour!

25th of February:

We finished the tour as we had begun it, in a jazz club, but this time in Zurich!

Moods !

Super welcoming with Gregoire, good sound that we  appreciated as soon as the sound check started.

Playing on a Monday night is not so familiar, but the atmosphere was warming up, Suprem Clem open the show, it was the last show of the tour

. 12 days on the road, 8 concerts, 2 countries…friends everywhere, new venues, full of pictures and feelings in our head. We felt very comfortable on this stage, dancing young people, dancing old people, some of them listen to us carefully, other let get lost in the trans…

11 p.m: “la fête est fini”

We have to pack all the stuff…  last but not the least.

Watcha Clan in Mood…

We have to ask the rooky to resume this tour :

NeXt sTeP:

Marseille 21 of march !!! with Raashan Ahmad and Tox !!!!

See you soon.


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