WaTCha cLaN @ WaRSaW

Hello Folk’s

Banana in a plane,

Sound Engineer with a big beard,

Some bags at the hotel,

Here we are , we are back on tour!

First step: Poland!!!

So we arrived in Warsaw,  the weather was so hot (maybe hotter than in Marseille 😉 ).  Joanna , who took  care of the band ,  showed us a part of the old town. Visit was short but efficient!

After, we went to the Palladium , to do the sound check.

Every thing was ok, the welcoming was so cool. People of the Festival were so nice 😉

Madga and Joanna showed us a great Vinyls Shop called « Hey Joe ». Some of us couldn’t go out this store without vinyls!!!

And the front door was great too!!!

Nice people, good atmosphere, good weather, but what was the goal of this Polish trip?

Performing !!!!!!!!!

Jump to stage:

the voice

the machine keyboards, samplers, accordion, beat box, backing vocal,  loops 🙂

The Gumbri

the bass:

All together, playing music, so proud to play in front a the polish audience, particularly in front of Paweł Wojtalewski and all his family.

Even if we were absolutly not tired, they bring us to a bar !

To ….

do the party..

and to say all together,

Happy birthday Sista Ka !

The rest of the night can not be describe in this blog. Thanx to not ask question.

The  awakening has not be easy for everyone …

Time to come back in France arrived!

Thanx the crew, the audience, see you the 27th of July at Gdansk @Globaltica festival (

Next Step Lausanne  le 15 Mai , Paris le 17 Mai  et  Arras le 18 mai!!!

Touts les infos here :



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