Palermo’s rules !

Ciao A tutti!

Welcome on board , check the opposite door, arm slides, everybody in the plane !

The first time in Palermo for the Watcha Clan. We arrived after 2 good flights,

All was fine, in fact not for all of us…

Well the sun welcomed us, and before the meeting, we took a tour in the city. Huge, colored place, and good coffee !

Well 2.30 pm, all the team was ready to go to the Giardino Inglese!

3.30 pm, , all the team was ready to go to the Giardino Inglese! 🙂

4 p.m. we finally arrived at the  Giardino Inglese!

Beautiful park with an amazing big tree,

Well, the sun,  the park , a stage , all was cool, but not for all of us…

We put all our stuff on stage, but we discovered that we can not use it, before the organizers got a « license to use the stage »…

So after the taxis waiting, we re-began to wait…



All of us were  waiting, but  in real…not  « all of us »…

The dark side of Palermo was rising… a long black cloud…

and the decision arrived…

The stage was 10 centimeters too high for the  license… Playing on stage was FORBIDDEN  !

this news made everybody mad! The organizers were not guilty, but politicians are ….

Well , we were all crazy. We had to find a solution.

Nassim  decided to take the lead and go immediately to the…

ice cream shop! cause with a good Sicilian Ice cream, all is sweeter !


The Tour de Frost direction decided to unmount  the stage and do the festival directly on the ground!

an Underground festival on the ground…

and we started the sound check  half on the stage, half on the floor…

We felt like in the twilight zone , no stage, 5 hours in late, but we wanted to play !!!

Night arrived, we had to stay concentrated

Cause technically, this gig was  not easy…

No stage, technicians busy as ever, audience who didn’t see us,  the show started at midnight!!!!

But the organizers and us really want to play even if the authorities said « no »!

So midnight everybody on the stage!!!…… 😦  no stage… So midnight everybody in the arena !!!!!

Crazy day for a crazy concert. Sista Ka climbed on the technical riser to explain to the audience that a band was playing live music!!!

With or without stage!!!!

thanx to all the crew, to the welcoming of Eric and Davy

and special big up to technicians who worked from 6 a.m. to 6 a.m. !

Palermo , we will never forget this gig!

NEXT STEP MUNICH  the 14th of June



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