Lecce, theater experience !

Ciao a tutti !

We are in Italy.

Before starting this blog, let’s have a summary of the last days.

The day after we  played for the “fête de la musique”, we said goodbye to our driver, who let us at  Bâle Airport.

We wait for the plane…

We wait in the plane

and finally arrive the 22nd of June in Napoli. We went through the streets of this amazing town

and found a good restaurant where Seb could find the biggest Calzone of the world 🙂

23rd of june: 9 a.m.

We took the tube to go to rent the van. We could appreciate the driving facilities of Napolitans and finally found a way to the autostrada . The road to Lecce was… long

So long…

and hot…

Well, even if the travel was a bit long, we found in Lecce a beautiful theater with the Mario’s super technical team

And one of the best catering of all the time…

So all became easy 🙂

A « bare foot » sound check

with the hot hot weather…

We should played at 8, we started at 9.45 !

So… a long wait, in the back stage


in the venue

Mario gave us the top , and we went up to the stage,

First time in Lecce in front of listening audience. We played in a cool atmosphere, maybe  in a « theatrical » way , cause of the stage…

A full concert, that we finished at midnight 🙂

Thanx to all the Lecce crew , we hope to see you soon 🙂

24rd of June (today):

An Other traveling day after a little walk in Lecce old town

we are now in Roma!!!

the Italian trip still goes on, see you tomorrow the 25th of June @Pigneto Spazioaperto for Suona francese – Festival di Musica

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