Last part : From Roma to Napoli, where can you find the best pizza?

Ciao Folk’s !

The title  is designed to attract readers, we can’t response to this question in this post … (wondering why?… ask to the Sopranos !)

After a long road from Lecce, refugees were in Roma!

Roma, the amazing town, old buildings mixing with new ones, in front of a big tourist wave!

First part of our trip was a real demonstration of Dolce vita…

Night walk

Day walk

Meetings with old friends,

and new one…

Well the second part of our trip was a real demonstration of south schedule 🙂

The technical side was not as fun that the artist’s side 🙂

But Watcha Clan is a team and the border between the two sides is thin…

Well while we were waiting ( waiting is the official musician  sport  when they are touring in south !)

We could see an other traditional activity. The cops took the measurement of the stage  (Remember Palermo !

This time, it was good !

The third part of our trip was the concert… and as every time… the best part !



and Stage…

Even if some days are long… the concert in front of  audience is like a present…

Playing is the most important

and doing shopping too

26th of June:
Going straight to Napoli by train.
Travelling by train it’s cool!
No trolley at  the train station it’s … less cool 🙂
Well we arrived in front of the main door of where we were supposed to play.
You saw the door you can imagine the rest ! bim 🙂
Castel Nuovo… welome inside
Good idea to put a stage in this old and big place , thanx Fabrice 🙂
the sound check could began , with a good technical crew,
All went fast, and we could take the time to play new stuff in this inspiring place…
But Napolitans are music lovers so we had to go on stage !
The sound of the place was great, and the acoustics like Eli ,
Or the Quinto Regimiento  duet
sounded really nice!
This is the end of the Italian tour  😦
But the end was good in this popular typical  restaurant !
No time to be sad ! From Palermo to Lecce , from Lecce to Roma , from Roma to Napoli we met lovely people, nice audience and good food…so what else !!!!
Ciao a tutti 🙂
Tomorrow we change the country : GERMANY for the Fusion Festival it’s  never over !!!!


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