FeW JoiN FeStiVaL ???

Hallo Wie Geht’s?

nota bene : It’s Fusion Festival 🙂

Good bye Italy, good bye to our slaps, ours shorts, we took the plane to Germany. We lost 15 degrees, but it’s for a good reason: Playing In Fusion Festival !!!

Like every day the hard life of Watcha Clan’s technicians began,

then we took a van to go to Lars, and we arrived on fusion where the hard life of technicians continued.

Third times in this massive / amazing festival, an huge concentration of happy peoples, who are here for fun, fun and fun.

Music 24/24, “hard rock”, “jungle”, “reggae”, “rock” , “electro”, “blues”, “hip hop” , “Caribbean”, “dub step”, “post dub step electro world lounge dirty double whooper”…etc…

Well this is the side of crazy people. But there is an other side: the crew. All is organized, scheduled

Arriving on place for waiting accreditations with our dear friend Simone,

eating, playing ping-pong

unloading the stuff

loading the stuff in a mad max car, going to the stage.

Stage Manager was our dear friend Alex

doing an express sound check and finally Concentrating.


because playing in Fusion Festival is always a big trip. Watcha Clan’s music, “Controlled Chaos in action” can be really showed here.

The audience is massive, the sound is massive, the sound on stage is massive.

Sista voice went higher , jumping on stage was easier, the digital bass went deeper but the time went faster… 60 minutes was like 1 second.

All the tour was compacted in this second….Full of energy , vibration, After the show some of us cried, some couldn’t stopped shouting…

Time to re-re-re-re-reload a mad max car, and went back at home.

Note:  If you can  sleep like this without drug or alcohol , it’s that you did a good tour!

Thanx to all our friends we met there… Long Life to Fusion Festival
After an 2 hours short sleep, we took the plane to Nice where Fred and Soupa ju  came with the van to pick us!

So happy to come back at home!

The happiness was short…

Everybody was safe…not our old loved van… 🙂

Next Step Luxembourg this Saturday!


A ciao !!!


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