Stuttgart, Le Havre, Colors of Ostrava… easy.

Hello Folk’s

After a nice night at the airport hotel, we took the direction of Stuttgart.

First time in this city . The stage was downtown. In a middle of a place, with many « foods tents »  all around.

After some funnies  “Nassim’s theater stuff”

we rent a van, and went to do the sound check in a cool atmosphere.

The team was great, the German welcoming was so gently!

Step by step the place grew up in festival place.

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

A massive audience was “au rendez-vous”! So cool to play in front of such happy audience. Clapping, shouting, dancing!!!

A really good show!

You can come with us on stage on this video 🙂

After a long concert, and an hyperactive and efficient loading

we said good bye to this super team and took the road. Next step : a lost hotel between Stuttgart and Le Havre 😉

Friday 19th of July:

all day along in the Van…we got crazzzzzyyyyyyyyyyy

What can we say about this day?

Directly on stage for the soundcheck:

And let’s go for party !

And straight to the hotel…

Thanks to Mozaik Festival, and special big up to  the Painter!!!

Saturday 20th of July:

Traveling day… from « The Manche » sea

to the Ostrava Airport 🙂

Sunday 21rst of July : Colors Of Ostrava

Watcha Clan is a member of the WILAYA 49   ( After a gig in Wahran, an other one in Marseille, we joined Anis from T.O.X and Raashan Ahmad to play at  Colors of Ostrava!!!

Bad news, they lost the Nassim’s guitar …

good news, they rent a guitar for him…

So we organized  a rapid rehearsal at the airport between 2 planes  !!!

At this moment we didn’t know this….

So we arrived on this huge festival. (we played there in 2006) We were so excited.

Anis, Sista Ka , Nassim , Raashan, Seb, Martin , Suprem Clem and Mat, in the same team

After a very hard sound check  ( Big up to the Watcha Clan’s team). the concert began…

So big! Nassim was so far from Mat!!!

Sista and the two Mcs were everywhere!

In 15 seconds we had 10000 new friends dancing and singing with us!

60 minutes of intense emotions. Wilaya 49 is a brand new band!


Long life tto the WILAYA 49 !


Next gig for the Watcha Clan: GDANSK next Saturday 🙂


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