Lecce, theater experience !

Ciao a tutti !

We are in Italy.

Before starting this blog, let’s have a summary of the last days.

The day after we  played for the “fête de la musique”, we said goodbye to our driver, who let us at  Bâle Airport.

We wait for the plane…

We wait in the plane

and finally arrive the 22nd of June in Napoli. We went through the streets of this amazing town

and found a good restaurant where Seb could find the biggest Calzone of the world 🙂

23rd of june: 9 a.m.

We took the tube to go to rent the van. We could appreciate the driving facilities of Napolitans and finally found a way to the autostrada . The road to Lecce was… long

So long…

and hot…

Well, even if the travel was a bit long, we found in Lecce a beautiful theater with the Mario’s super technical team

And one of the best catering of all the time…

So all became easy 🙂

A « bare foot » sound check

with the hot hot weather…

We should played at 8, we started at 9.45 !

So… a long wait, in the back stage


in the venue

Mario gave us the top , and we went up to the stage,

First time in Lecce in front of listening audience. We played in a cool atmosphere, maybe  in a « theatrical » way , cause of the stage…

A full concert, that we finished at midnight 🙂

Thanx to all the Lecce crew , we hope to see you soon 🙂

24rd of June (today):

An Other traveling day after a little walk in Lecce old town

we are now in Roma!!!

the Italian trip still goes on, see you tomorrow the 25th of June @Pigneto Spazioaperto for Suona francese – Festival di Musica

La Fête de la Musique loin de Patrick Sébastien

Hello Folk’s!

Le 21 juin, c’était la fête de la musique, même que nos amis technos ont eu en cadeau de beaux talkie-walkie !

21 juin Fête de la route avec 6h de camion jusqu’à Audincourt,

avec au passage le retour de Fred  en main forte (Cf German tour)

21 juin, fête des bouchons

21 juin, jour le plus long de l’année, surtout à la gare Auxon , où d’après Nassim le temps passe quand même super doucement.

(On notera la joie de Nassim après 3h de solitude seul )

A peine arrivés, on a sauté  du camion à la scène pour les balances, on prend les mêmes et on recommence 🙂

Martin qui fait semblant,

Suprem entrain de poster sur Face book

Nassim en mode moustache Zappa

Sista Ka’s messaging

Belle scène, beau lieu, beau plateau avec Babylon Circus et Maniac X,. L’espace d’un instant, l’idée de rater Patrick Sebastien sur le Vieux port avec Adamo nous apparaissait moins insurmontable

20h30 fin des balances:

21h30 fin du concert…. 😦

60 minutes tout à l’énergie, devant un public de folie… Merci au Festival Rencontres et Racines!

On se languis de voir les photos 🙂

D’ailleurs prendre en photo une photo c’est en mise en abyme mais prendre une photo de celui qui prend la photo de celui qui a pris la photo c’est quoi?

Ou alors prendre en photo le type qui prend la photo de celui qui prend la photo de celui qui a pris la photo..

Tout ça pour en arriver là , un gros Big up a Fred qui dès le lendemain, après une petite lecture du journal

nous à déposé à Bâle, pour qu’on aille directos à Naples 🙂

Ce soir, Samedi 22 juin nous sommes donc à Naples, et we will prendre a van to go to Lecce tomorrow parce que nous will play there… My god the blog is turning in the English Version  for the Lecce , Napoli, Roma , and Fusion Festival !!!!!

See you soon 🙂

First time in Munich, ja genau!

Ach so!!!

The 13rd of June, all the team walked into the Munich streets.

the day before, the plane tried to destroy the Suprem Clem’s desk ,

But, this time, the flight case was enough strong :).

After this « tiny stress », we went to the Muffatwerk, to see our friends playing :

*Ok the picture is poor… Can you recognize them?  A surprise for the first who find the Band name  🙂

Ach so, 13rd of June, all the team went to the Muffatwerk, by the green side of the street,

This time we had a stage, ( 🙂 Palermo )

Mister Martin was ready,

Mister Seb was ready too,

The first band was Epsylone, for a good Hip Hop set

At the same time, in the dressing room… Jammin’

Until the two super schedule men gave us the top

Ach so!

The first time we played in Munich. Between the audience and us : Happiness !

They asked a second encore, so, Sista Ka and Nassim went to the stage to make a Quinto Regimiento Duet:

Thanx Munich, we loved to play in this crazy atmosphere !

Next step: the 21st @ Audincourt and after Italy again, and at the end of the month FUSION FESTIVAL 🙂



Who Wants a Watcha Clan’s Free Download?

Hello Folk’s,

The third remixes ep « Ziggurat Fm » will be available on 24th june 🙂
More heavy remixes from Hijo de la Cumbia, Flore, SpankBass, Chris Gavin Transglobal Underground, Savages-y-Suefo and dj Click!
Gr8 dj’s and producers from all around the globe for your listening pleasure!

So before the release here’s an exclusive collaboration with the young and talented Moroccan Hip-Hop band « Shayfeen » —> free DL here:

Show some love for Shayfeen: www.facebook.com/ShayFeenOfficialPage
Twitter : twitter.com/#!/ShayFeenMusic
Youtube : youtube.com/shayfeentv

and stay tuned « Ziggurat Fm » out 24th june on Piranha Musik!

Palermo’s rules !

Ciao A tutti!

Welcome on board , check the opposite door, arm slides, everybody in the plane !

The first time in Palermo for the Watcha Clan. We arrived after 2 good flights,

All was fine, in fact not for all of us…

Well the sun welcomed us, and before the meeting, we took a tour in the city. Huge, colored place, and good coffee !

Well 2.30 pm, all the team was ready to go to the Giardino Inglese!

3.30 pm, , all the team was ready to go to the Giardino Inglese! 🙂

4 p.m. we finally arrived at the  Giardino Inglese!

Beautiful park with an amazing big tree,

Well, the sun,  the park , a stage , all was cool, but not for all of us…

We put all our stuff on stage, but we discovered that we can not use it, before the organizers got a « license to use the stage »…

So after the taxis waiting, we re-began to wait…



All of us were  waiting, but  in real…not  « all of us »…

The dark side of Palermo was rising… a long black cloud…

and the decision arrived…

The stage was 10 centimeters too high for the  license… Playing on stage was FORBIDDEN  !

this news made everybody mad! The organizers were not guilty, but politicians are ….

Well , we were all crazy. We had to find a solution.

Nassim  decided to take the lead and go immediately to the…

ice cream shop! cause with a good Sicilian Ice cream, all is sweeter !


The Tour de Frost direction decided to unmount  the stage and do the festival directly on the ground!

an Underground festival on the ground…

and we started the sound check  half on the stage, half on the floor…

We felt like in the twilight zone , no stage, 5 hours in late, but we wanted to play !!!

Night arrived, we had to stay concentrated

Cause technically, this gig was  not easy…

No stage, technicians busy as ever, audience who didn’t see us,  the show started at midnight!!!!

But the organizers and us really want to play even if the authorities said « no »!

So midnight everybody on the stage!!!…… 😦  no stage… So midnight everybody in the arena !!!!!

Crazy day for a crazy concert. Sista Ka climbed on the technical riser to explain to the audience that a band was playing live music!!!

With or without stage!!!!

thanx to all the crew, to the welcoming of Eric and Davy

and special big up to technicians who worked from 6 a.m. to 6 a.m. !

Palermo , we will never forget this gig!

NEXT STEP MUNICH  the 14th of June



Lausanne – Paris – Arras

Hello Folk’s,

Inutile de le préciser, mais Marseille – Lausanne – Arras – Marseille en bus, autant dire que cette session a été camionesque 🙂

C’est donc avec autant de pluie que de route que nous arrivâmes à Lausanne. Un joli campus étudiant, avec des étudiants super motivés

qui pour l’occasion avaient élaboré une jolie affiche , oui Nassim c’est toi

Petit à petit tout se mettait en place,

on notera sur cette photo, Suprem Clem tripple checkant ses machines, normal… Nassim électrifiant  son Gumri, normal…mais que fait Sista Ka sur le laptop? La réponse est simple. A cet instant on apprend que la date Parisienne du surlendemain allait peut être être annulée. Out of question, après une consultation de la boule de cristal,

et la vision de Martin

le processus « démenti de l’annulation » devait être lancé sur lles réseaux sociaux!!

Revenons à l’art , avec pour ouvrir la soirée et de bien belle manière, le groupe scarecrow

ils ont mis le feu,pour le plus grand plaisir de Mathieu, l’organisateur de la soirée

(qui au passage ressemble de manière troublante au grand Niels Hennins Orsted Pedersen)

En revanche, pour les pompiers…le feu ça passe pas crème…. détecteurs de fumée enclenchés…concert retardé…

Du coup bah…on a pris des photos 🙂

Après 35 min de flou, nos voilà enfin sur scène!!! Chaleur !

Merci Lausanne!

Direction Paris en…bus, pour cette journée riche en émotions et en organisation!

Maintenir la soirée, rencontrer Flavien, (attention qu’essaye-t-il de dire avec ses yeux… »Comment je vais leur dire que j’ai paumé un bout du décors 😦  » )

Inviter les amis!

Faire l’ultime promo mano a mano


Planter le décors ,

Et voir le Divan du Monde , non pas de cette manière:

mais plutôt comme ça…

El Hadi s’est lancé seul sur scene pour un première partie soul musclée!

Puis on a pris la relève devant un public Parisien plus qu’accueillant, heureux au moins autant que nous d’être la , pour partager..

Puis c’est Bania Diwane d’algerie qui nous on rejoint (  http://www.baniadiwane.com/fr/accueil.html# )

Hafid (gumbri)
Billel (karkabou)
Menni (karkabou )
El Hadi (guitare)

Watcha Clan and Friends !!!

Merci à tous pour la réactivité, et le partage!!!

A vite 😉

Dernière étape: Arras, pour l’inauguration, et donc le premier concert au Pharos  (la classe)

Super accueil, super équipe,  super salle,  pour la joie de tous!

Bref la bonne ambiance…

Un public éclectique et attentif pour le dernier concert de la semaine!

Merci à toute l’équipe du Pharos et à bientôt!

Prochain concert:

Palermo (It) -31/05- @festival #Suonafrancese / Tour de Forst


Ciao 😉

WaTCha cLaN @ WaRSaW

Hello Folk’s

Banana in a plane,

Sound Engineer with a big beard,

Some bags at the hotel,

Here we are , we are back on tour!

First step: Poland!!!

So we arrived in Warsaw,  the weather was so hot (maybe hotter than in Marseille 😉 ).  Joanna , who took  care of the band ,  showed us a part of the old town. Visit was short but efficient!

After, we went to the Palladium , to do the sound check.

Every thing was ok, the welcoming was so cool. People of the Festival were so nice 😉

Madga and Joanna showed us a great Vinyls Shop called « Hey Joe ». Some of us couldn’t go out this store without vinyls!!!

And the front door was great too!!!

Nice people, good atmosphere, good weather, but what was the goal of this Polish trip?

Performing !!!!!!!!!

Jump to stage:

the voice

the machine keyboards, samplers, accordion, beat box, backing vocal,  loops 🙂

The Gumbri

the bass:

All together, playing music, so proud to play in front a the polish audience, particularly in front of Paweł Wojtalewski and all his family.

Even if we were absolutly not tired, they bring us to a bar !

To ….

do the party..

and to say all together,

Happy birthday Sista Ka !

The rest of the night can not be describe in this blog. Thanx to not ask question.

The  awakening has not be easy for everyone …

Time to come back in France arrived!

Thanx the crew, the audience, see you the 27th of July at Gdansk @Globaltica festival (https://www.facebook.com/events/131720117025935/)

Next Step Lausanne  le 15 Mai , Paris le 17 Mai  et  Arras le 18 mai!!!

Touts les infos here :https://www.facebook.com/watchaclan/events


Wilaya 49 fait son Babel Med

Hello Folk’s

Hey voila que ce termine le Babel Med Festival.

C’est donc avec le projet WATT et sous le joli nom du Wilaya 49 que jeudi dernier , à 22h30, Sista Ka, Malik, Banis , Nassim, Suprem Clem, Raashan, Martin , Seb, Flavien, Soupa Ju et Mat ont pris le train en direction du bonheur

s’arrêtant en gares : du désert, de la jungle, de l’acoustique, du Rap, de la tchatche ,du rock , de l’archet, du flot , des karkabous , des machines, des claps, des chœurs, des envolées lyriques, des voix, des backs, des jumps, des sourires. Le public n’était d’ailleurs pas comme la vache qui regarde passer le train, les marseillais et les autres  étaient “on board” , avec nous!

Se retrouver sur scène avec le Wilaya 49, c’est comme faire un apéro avec des amis sans chi-chi sans bla-bla, juste le kiff de se voir, de partager, de rattraper le temps perdu… bon avec du gros son en plus….

Un fois n’est pas coutume ce blog débutera donc par un Merci à toute l’équipe, pour la fusion humaine et artistique.

Voilà, ça… c’est fait, revenons 4 jours plus tôt.

Pour ceux qui auraient rater un épisode et bien le voici : novembre 2012 à Oran  https://watchaclan.wordpress.com/2012/11/13/oran-une-semaine-avec-tox-watcha-clan-raasham-ahmad/

Pour les autres, cette fois c’est belle et bien à Marseille, que nous nous sommes tous retrouvés. Le cabaret Aléatoire nous a ouvert ses portes, et toute l’equipe c’est mise à pied d’oeuvre.

L’amitié et le feeling représentant 1% du résultat final , il a quand même bien fallu se mettre à bosser pour trouver les 99% manquant .

Alors on s’est tous mis a bouger dans tous les sens.

Tellement de choses à dire,tellement de manière de les dire, le tout en 45 minutes imposées… et comme le dit le proverbe  « Ils ne savaient pas que c’était impossible, alors ils l’ont fait ».

3 jour intenses, 8h – 20h avec pour nos Mc préférés, des Shows case endiablés (sheitanisés?) au Mama Shelter.

Radio show en bonus 😉

Ah oui un jour off , enfin pas si off que ça vu qu’on a eu un tournage. Un réalisateur pleins de bonnes idées

malheureusement balayées par une pluie battante. Un replis improvisé dans une salle de classe, un panier de basket monté en deux deux, de vrais élèves figurant super énervés

et de faux élèves , nous!

Bon j’en dis pas plus, pour la surprise, mais c’était bien marrant, Raashan en professeur

Sista Ka au premier rang ça passe trop crème et c’est carrément frais, en bref c’est trop sbob.

Bref, en résumé on s’est bien régalé et le plus souvent en mode « labess »

Dernier brief de Soupa Ju

et nous voila parti pour les Docks des Suds . Suprem Clem a géré tout le déroulé de la journée . Arrivés 45 min en avance, on a fini de monter le matos avec 50 min d’avance (car on a réussi a gagner 5 min), après tous ces efforts, les MCs ont commencé à apparaitre , oui car il faut le savoir le Mc est invisible camion chargé, et est visible camion vide , elle bien faite la nature.

Bref des balances qui sentaient bon le concert de folie, tension, concentration , exaspération

le tout dans la joie et la bonne humeur.

Ha oui on s’est aussi baladé dans le salon pro et Nassim à repris deux fois du riz.

22H30, le Wilaya 49 rentre en scène….

A très vite

Bon ok celle la c’est la version Face book,

En réalité c’était plutôt comme ça 🙂

German tour **final part**

Ok! ok! Zürich is actually not in Germany, so this is the German and Switzerland tour 2013!

23rd of February:

What a pleasure to drive without “traffic jam”! Turning on the engine, and eating the road meter by meter. Unfortunately this lucky strike had been short.

The snow began to fall, and never stopped 🙂

Leipzig was under a white dress, people were skiing on the streets, so nice!

Well, the UT Connevitz opened his doors, and we directly started the soundcheck. What a beautiful place! Even if we have ever played here, it was like the first time !

Topps  cooked him self a good vegetarian meal, that gave us the strength for this 7th concerts of the tour. Well, walking around the audience, I heard this sentence “ They are touring since 10 days, maybe they will do a kind of calm concert” 🙂

An amazing place, a big stage, a big sound and a big audience…We were on the first floor, and we couldn’t wait to play, we try to do some photos to wait…

but people began to shout downstairs!

We had to go!

Jumping, running, smiling, last gig in Germany couldn’t be a “calm concert” 🙂

Those 100 minutes had past so fast! We love the dancing Leipzig audience, in this old style cinema atmosphere!

Miss Zio  and her camera posted some souvenirs on face book…check a few selection :

Well, now have a sit, pull on the bass of you computer, and listen to it !

DJ Topps finished the party …what about us? Partying in a gypsy style…

Bye Bye…see you in 2015?

24th of february:

Driving day, special big up to the team, who load and unload and load and unload and load and unload and load and unload the van all the tour!

25th of February:

We finished the tour as we had begun it, in a jazz club, but this time in Zurich!

Moods !

Super welcoming with Gregoire, good sound that we  appreciated as soon as the sound check started.

Playing on a Monday night is not so familiar, but the atmosphere was warming up, Suprem Clem open the show, it was the last show of the tour

. 12 days on the road, 8 concerts, 2 countries…friends everywhere, new venues, full of pictures and feelings in our head. We felt very comfortable on this stage, dancing young people, dancing old people, some of them listen to us carefully, other let get lost in the trans…

11 p.m: “la fête est fini”

We have to pack all the stuff…  last but not the least.

Watcha Clan in Mood…

We have to ask the rooky to resume this tour :

NeXt sTeP:

Marseille 21 of march !!! with Raashan Ahmad and Tox !!!!

See you soon.

German Tour **Part 3 ** Berlin, Hamburg

Stay in tune with the blog 🙂

21st of February

 The first words of the day were “Es is kalt”.

Even the snow didn’t want to fall; too cold. Doesn’t matter, to be in Berlin again was great. Playing in Lido, seeing all our friends, we were so exited.

 First interview, with Niloufar and her photographer for the Blogrebellen. Cool atmosphere in a culture center, where they do very good soup.

After this , we went to the venu, the Lido!

Simone was already here , Nellsky for Radio Multicult was here to. So we began series of interviews, Franck and Eli came with Thomas for Grooove station (http://www.grooove-station.net/). Long discussions from new remixes to the Mali french intervention…

After the soundcheck, we ate all together in a restaurant. So cool to see our friend Simone, talking about the other shows, about the past years…

The night came

time to go backstage arrived. We stayed alone here, concentrating on our breathing…Ok it’s a joke, we were in Berlin , and all the friends came backstage to salute us! Big Big Big Pleasure to see them!

After the 41st double triple check of Suprem Clem,

after taking a quiet time ,

and after a  last photo,

we went up to the stage!

100 minutes of happiness, power, vibrations, and love. Martin on the sound, Fred on merchandising, Sista Ka on vocal, Suprem Clem machine lap top karkabou and more, Nassim Kouti

guitar , goumri, Mat Labess on double bass and guitar, all together, happy to share with the audience a simple feeling: lucky to be here, lucky to play 🙂

Well Sista Ka said “ If the beach and the sun come to Berlin, I leave Marseille, and I came to Berlin!”

Party time on the stage was over, but not back stage with all the Piranha crew 🙂

We miss you, see you ASAP!

Bye Berlin!

22nd of February

Everebody jump into the bus. 450 km to go to Hamburg, but before we had to eat. “My god, what can I eat?” evidence…

Hafenklang. The underground place to be if you travel to Hamburg. Fourth times for the Watcha Clan in this place. How can we talk about, without a the game “ Find the Watcha Clan’s Sticker from the old Hafenklang experiences”



Well we did a good sound check, and ate delicious vegetarian dishes cooked with love.

Aber! 1 hour before the show:

Half-hour before the show

5 minutes before the show

1 minute before the show

Technicals problems fixed 30 seconds before the show belongs to those little things witch happen only on tour, and it give you a double adrenalin dose to “envoyer le boulet” (If you doesn’t understand what does it mean, you can try Google translator massilan language to English)

Hamburg, twin sister of Marseille, Hafenklan twin brother of Baltazar, we felt at home.

Massive and compact sound for a massiv and compact audience!!! Super live session:)

minus 10C° out side, 40 C° inside!!!

The show continued to the merchandising, it was like the “rue du commerce” (business street)

under a power full cumbia of two Super Djs until 3 o’clock a.m.

Let’s see it:

THANX Hafenklang

THANX Lars, THANX to the audience, special big up to the people who where there for the Berlin gig the day before!